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From sheeting to tape to dust control, 3M masking products are perfect for even the trickiest jobs. Protect your work from overspray, dust and other contaminants. Innovative 3M masking products are more than "just another tape" - we simplify the whole paint process for you.

Body Filler and Glazes

The high quality resin in our filler range gives you a better quality of repair and can be used on multiple substrates. We have a body filler for every need, helping to reduce micro-pinholes and risk of re-work.

Compounds Polishes and Glazes

The art and process of scratch refinement meets the highest technology with our assortment of 3M™ Perfect-It™ compounds, polishes, pads and related products for showroom-grade auto finishes.


Automotive abrasives include discs, sheets, wheels and belts that cover the range of processes from tear-down to paint finishing.

Adhesives, Coatings, and Sealers

Products for plastic or glass repair, panel and structural bonding, sealants and coatings as well as corrosion protection are part of 3M's range for the body shop.


Today’s safety is tomorrow’s security; so 3M offers products including respirators, protective eyewear, and hearing protection to meet strict auto body shop safety requirements.

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